If you have recently re-located to a new area of the U.S. with your MilFam due to PCS, be sure to check out Champion Youth Outreach as a great low-cost resource to get your kids involved in activities ranging from sports and self-defense to art programs. These high-quality programs are available for children ages 4-15 at affordable rates to get your kids involved in the community and making new friends in no time!

If you’re a recent transplant to SoCal, for example, or have an upcoming PCS to the area, Champion Youth Outreach is also a great resource for you to get out in the community, meet the locals and volunteer with fantastic kids while getting some exercise along the way.

With over 200 fun and family-friendly programs, Champion Youth Outreach embraces the development of self-confidence, discipline, mental strength and physical fitness in a positive environment where kids will flourish!

Check out more locations, details and how to get involved today at ChampionYouth.org.


What are some transitional and re-location resources that have helped your MilFam?

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