Do you care for a loved one who had a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after 2001 while serving in the military? We would like to talk to you about your health and well-being! Your participation in a voluntary research study could help improve health care for you and other caregivers.

The study is called the “Caregiver Study” and was created to address elements of a Congressional mandate. The purpose of the study is to generate information that policy makers in Congress can use to understand the needs and service requirements of caregivers of service members with TBI. Additionally, we aim to create a caregiver quality of life questionnaire to be used by researchers and health care providers to improve services for caregivers. The study is being conducted by the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center. The findings and recommendations from the study may be reported back to Congress. This knowledge could potentially improve the health care that is provided to caregivers.

We are currently recruiting participants who care for a service member/veteran who had a TBI after 2001 while serving in the military.

Participation in the study may include the completion of web-based self-report measures, a small group discussion, a telephone interview, and/or completing the new quality of life measure. Most of these procedures can be done from the comfort of your home. The total time commitment will be about 1 – 3 hours each year for up to 15 years. Additionally, you may be compensated for your participation!

If you or someone you know maybe interested in participating in the Caregiver Study, please contact us by calling 855-821-1469 or emailing [email protected]. You may also visit our webpage at

Thank you for your interest in helping your fellow caregivers!

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