By: Morgan Korn

Yahoo! Finance

Mrs. Moneypenny, the internationally read columnist at the Financial Times, has some harsh advice for women: You can’t have it all. Not even Mrs. Moneypenny. The successful columnist, author, TV personality, philanthropist and businesswomen says she’s made big sacrifices to get where she is, sacrifices that include skipping the gym and seeing less of her three children.

“Women find it harder [than men] to accept this,” Mrs. Moneypenny declares in an interview with The Daily Ticker. “Men know if they want to get to the top, they have to make sacrifices along the way. Women on the other hand — we have the children; we want to take care of them; we want to be good mothers. We want all of these different things, but if you try and do too many different things at the same time, all that will happen is you will be average at all of those things.”

In her book Career Advice For Ambitious Women, Mrs. Moneypenny gives various recommendations and instructions for how women can move up the corporate ladder and achieve their professional goals at any age. The advice proffered ranges from how to dress for success — which means not neglecting the daily essentials (e.g. eyebrow and facial hair maintenance) — to doing your own PR. Learning how to say “no,” however, may be the most important — and difficult — tip of all.

“It’s a real-life skill,” Mrs. Moneypenny says. There are studies that show how “women have been conditioned to please and men are conditioned to perform from an early age.”

Saying “no” means knowing one’s priorities, according to Mrs. Moneypenny. Communicating this simple but powerful word may be uncomfortable and challenging at first, but “it’s a case of short-term pain for long-term gain,” Mrs. Moneypenny writes in her book. “Energy is the hallmark of success, and your energy comes from only one source — you.”

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