SofiaAlejandra9 offers some great budget-friendly tips that could make a big difference when sending care packages to your Service Member. First and foremost, don’t underestimate your local dollar store! Also, make sure to ask your Service Member about items they need and want instead of assuming you already know; and of course it’s always great to send some surprises as well! Since it takes a few weeks for your package to make its way over, be sure you’re sending non-perishable items, and try to avoid sending glass and fragile items. Think ahead. Look into important dates that are coming up in the next month or so to be sure you’re sending relevant and meaningful items for events like anniversaries and holidays!  This will also help you if you want to send something handmade and from the heart.  Food, letters, pictures and handmade items are always great options! What are some of your favorite items to send in care packages?

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