Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) raised your life insurance premiums by 7.6% on July 1. That means your spouse will have a smaller paycheck on August 1. What does a smaller paycheck mean for your military family?

  1. Less money for life’s essentials
  2. Less money to put away for the future
  3. Overpaying for coverage

For 135 years, AAFMAA (American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association) has protected military families and helped them manage life’s uncertainties. In July, they did it again by lowering the premiums on their Level Term I product, which is similar to SGLI. With AAFMAA’s rate decrease and the SGLI rate increase, military families can now save up to 35% by choosing AAFMAA over SGLI.

In addition to spending less, AAFMAA provides services that SGLI simply doesn’t offer:

  • AAFMAA offers military families up to $800,000 of protection; SGLI only offers half as much
  • Coverage continues even after your spouse separates from the military; SGLI ends 120 days after separation
  • AAFMAA guarantees that your rates will never increase
  • AAFMAA’s hallmark Survivor Assistance Services are included at no additional cost
    • If your spouse dies, Survivor Assistance Services takes care of you for the rest of your life

The AAFMAA website ( has all the details about how becoming an AAFMAA member can help protect your military family through all of the years ahead.

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