By Liz Marion & Nate Carden
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The Facts

Transitioning military Veterans that are leaving active duty service face unique challenges during their first few years in civilian life and beyond involving job fulfillment. Veterans possess some of the most hard-to-come-by skills: leadership, adaptability, ownership and follow-through. 25% of Veterans leaving the military want to start their own business but only 5% do. 65% of Veterans leave their first civilian job within 2 years. Veteran entrepreneurs are more likely to hire other Veterans.

Military Spouses are caught in a consistent recession-level unemployment and underemployment rate. While many Military Spouses are more educated than their service member spouses, they are unlikely to be hired at their qualified level due to lack of geographic stability. MilSpouses, are in need of flexible and movable career opportunities. Military Spouse entrepreneurs are more likely to hire other Military Spouses.

Veterans and Military Spouses alike are often looking for opportunities of professional development and career development that aligns with their unique lifestyle. The search for veterans usually comes when the decision is made to separate from military service. Veterans look for opportunities that will afford them some of the stability that they are accustomed to in military service, steady pay and benefits.

Military Spouses search for these opportunities while military service is part of their lives; looking for options for a fulfilling and satisfying career. The search for Military Spouses often leads to several obstacles such as the challenge of geographic instability and the need to adapt to extended periods of time without their spouse. The obstacles for Military Spouses often lead to continuous low-paying, entry-level jobs.

Why Bunker Labs?

Bunker Labs, founded in 2014, is a community of over 26 National chapters with the planning and traction to triple in size over the next three years.

Our mission is simple: ensure that every Veteran and Military Spouse entrepreneur has the network, tools and opportunities they need to start a successful business.

With monthly chapter events, Bunker Brews, and annual National Events, the Muster Across America, Bunker Labs brings different stage entrepreneurs, various organizations and community stakeholders together to bring meaningful and intentional programming that sparks conversation and facilitates progress towards more Veterans and Military Spouses starting successful businesses.

After military service, Veterans face the complex decision of what they want to do with their lives.

Military Spouses face challenges that keep them from achieving their career goals.

We want to make sure they know that entrepreneurship is a clear and viable career path for them!

Where to Start

Launch Lab Online is a completely free platform that answers the questions: Is entrepreneurship right for me? Is my idea a viable business? This Stage 0-1 curriculum walks a potential entrepreneur through 4 Missions that deliver idea to invoice applications for a new business.

Participants are able to build their vision of success and identify the problem that their business will solve. Bunker Labs provides a user-friendly resource platform, a fillable business canvas and visual planning guides, an engaged Facebook community, and future advanced opportunities for entrepreneurs that have completed the program.

Leave Launch Lab Online with a MeCanvas, Biz Model Canvas and financial planning model. Gain a community of committed and encouraging early stage entrepreneurs and like-minded peers.

Take Action

With resources like those that Bunker Labs provides, the team believes that any Veterans or Military Spouse can have a successful and thriving business that gives them the freedom to live their own version of success.

Is entrepreneurship right for you?

What business will you start with Bunker Labs? We want you to be part of our story. Share, get involved, join the movement.

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