By the end of 2014, somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 Military personnel will be separating from the Military to start on their journey to find their way in the civilian world.

If you or someone in your life is facing this transition, John W. Phillips’ “Boots to Loafers” was written to guide service members out of the Military and into the civilian professional world. Phillips is a retired U.S. Army LTC who now works as a mid-level finance executive. He writes on this major life transition because it’s one that he’s been through and successfully made the transition.

The book focuses on more than just the elements of transition; transformation and integration are the other areas highlighted by Phillips.  Find an opportunity in which you’ll be able to use the skills you built during Military service while developing new skills and patience in learning how to operate successfully in a completely different work culture.

Learn more about what inspired Phillips to write Boots to Loafers and pick up a copy at Amazon.

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