Amy Cuddy shares a very interesting and important topic in her TED talk on body language.

When we think of non-verbal behavior, we think of interaction. Body language communicates a message to those around you. It affects personal judgment. And, in your personal and professional life, it’s easy to forget how important body language really is. It’s easy to get too comfortable in your work environment. It’s easy to get lazy…

Sure, your mother always scolded you for putting those elbows on the table at dinner, but in your professional life, put ’em up! Keeping your hands above the table creates a more involved, focused and engaging appeal. And always remember, a smile can go a long way.

Another great tip is to talk with those hands. But, remember to speak calmly, and with intention. Speaking too quickly shows anxiety or discomfort. Be authoritative and use your hands to illustrate your confidence on the topic at hand (see what we did there….).

Whether you’re looking for the perfect work opportunity, stable in your professional life or living as a stay-at-home or work-at home mom, body language is so important; check out the video above for more great inspiration to see why.

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