5 Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Long-Distance MilSpouse Friends

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Most MilSpouses are no stranger to the process of having to meet new neighbors and make new friends after each PCS, but how about the friends you left behind? Sure, you’re probably connected on social media, but the occasional “like” on a status update is not the same thing as meeting up for coffee or taking your Military Kids to the park together. Read on for 5 tips for keeping close to your long distance friends, no matter how far away you really are.

1. Become pen pals

Remember the days when you received more in the mail than just credit card bills and catalogs? Yeah, us neither. Put some magic back into checking the mail by sending your friend real letters (yes, the kind written with pen and ink). You can kick off the conversation by sending a postcard from your new base so they know you got there safe and sound.

2. Host a Skype dinner

If you and your friend did most of your catching up over meals, keep with tradition by scheduling a Skype dinner date (or breakfast or lunch depending on your schedules). Sure, you may not be able to split a dessert, but you will get to experience the connection that breaking bread with friends can bring.

3. Start a book club

Need an excuse to get together for weekly chats with your best friend? Then it’s time to consider starting a long distance book club. Get inspired from our list of book club reads for Military Spouses and dive right in.

4. Watch your favorite movies together

Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned movie night with your friends (and maybe a glass of wine or two). Rabbit allows you to video chat while watching movies or TV shows on the same screen, so you can gasp at the plot together in real time.

5. Send video updates

Sometimes it’s hard to find time for a phone call, whether it’s because you’re living in different time zones or have nonstop schedules. Sending quick video updates, either recorded on your phone or webcam, is a great way to relay stories and thoughts to your friend while allowing them to listen and respond in their own time.

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