“Not That Kind of Girl”

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‘It Girl’ Lena Dunham has just divulged some pretty personal thoughts in a collection of personal essays compiled in her new book “Not That Kind of Girl.”  She’s chronicled topics covering anything and everything from sex and relationships to a discussion on her obsessive-compulsive disorder and her experiences with therapy.

It’s receiving rave reviews and if you’re a fan of her hit HBO series, “Girls,” you’ll love the honest, and often humorous tone that she’s known for. But it’s not a completely light-hearted work. Lena also touches on some very heavy topics that she feels need to be discussed more widely throughout the country in hopes of finding meaningful solutions. For example, in addition to the topic of mental health, which she feels very passionately about, Lena shares the story of being sexually assaulted during her time in college.

Her genuine, quirky and forthright style will make you fall in love with her writing and her personality in the book. Just be warned, it’s not a PG-rated read. When we say ‘tell all’ we mean it!

Check it out here!


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