Finding toys that will help your differently-abled child developmentally can be difficult. Here are a few of our favorite toys:

Sunshine Market ($33.00)

This colorful toy from DiscoverToys supports pre-math skills and hand-eye coordination. Children can fill their cart with groceries and food shapes that can be sorted, matched, and pushed through the market swinging doors. 12 shape pieces are included.

Bizi Ball ($24.95)

The Bizi Ball™ has special surprises inside it that provide stimulation and encourage children to explore. The ball is one piece with the ability to be pulled apart and helps children with coordinated movements and helps them understand cause and effect. Its texture is gentle and provides a way for children to explore through touch. The soft crinkle and soothing chime and rattle sounds capture attention. The teething ring and its elastic tether is perfect for extra-added bouncy fun.

Tangle Therapy ($8.51)

This twistable therapy device has a new ergonomic approach to stress relief and hand therapy. 20 interconnected pieces keep a child’s fingers and hands busy. Each piece is covered with a soft rubberized material designed for maximum tactile sensations. This toy is recommended for children 5 to 12 years old.

Tactile Atom Ball Fidget

The Tactile Atom Ball Fidget is great for sensory hand fidgeting. The toy can encourage collaboration and sharing between children when used in tossing games. This non-toxic toy is an excellent tool for sensory integration therapy.

Guess How Do I Feel? Game

This toy helps children express their feelings and improve social skills. Children can guess reactions of their playmates while sharing their own feelings on topics such as riding a rollercoaster or saying goodbye. Reading skills are not needed for this toy as all 50 situations include vivid photos. Children develop a stronger sense of empathy and have wonderful fun with their friends! Ages 3 to adult.

Magnetic Chalkboard / Dry-Erase Board

Although there are countless digital versions of this, sometimes the original works the best! This combo chalk and dry erase board comes equipped with everything you need to keep your child busy drawing, spelling, and expressing ideas. It comes with multi-colored chalk, eraser, and 36 magnetic wooden letters and numbers to encourage learning and relieve stress through creativity.

Elefun – The Butterfly Catchin’ Game

Toys like Elefun help children with gentle movements. For those with joint pain, toys like this are very helpful. The toy also encourages sharing and playtime among children.

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