MilFams are great at budgeting, couponing and getting creative when there are few financial resources.  The Tuesday rush and Wednesday closures of domestic military commissaries has brought the shutdown to reality for many of these already money-conscious families.

Nearly 1/3 of the federal workforce is now dangling in financial limbo – finding themselves without work due to incompetent leadership within the government.  Only ½ of the civilian defense workforce will continue to work and receive pay.

Today, MilFams are counting their blessings, with the knowledge that they will still receive a regular paycheck.

In these uncertain times, it’s not a bad idea to save as much as possible for a rainy day. Hopefully, the money your family saves can be used for a carefree family vacation or a new top-of-the-line high def. TV when the economy is more stable; but it’s better to have money put away just in case of job loss or another change of situation.

The best way to secure your financial future securely and accessibly is to set up a budget. As soon as you and/or your spouse receive a paycheck, set aside 10% of the money (at least). Transfer as much as possible to savings in order for your family to still operate comfortably and efficiently.

Make sure to stick to your budget! Monitor your spending in a notebook or an Excel file. Track what you spend. Consider areas of your spending where you can save and communicate these plans and ideas with your spouse and family.

Preventative measures in the form of savings and budgeting might not be as enjoyable as spare money at the end of the month; but this security will be priceless should something happen to your family’s income or another un-expected turn of events.

Just remember, there’s nothing wrong with preparing for ‘just-in-case’ situations.


How does your family prepare for rainy days?

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