Amira Jericho has first-hand experience attending a bachelor’s and nursing program as a MilSpouse. Facing uncertainty of relocation and transitioning from location to location, Amira has developed some top-notch advice about applying cautiously and keeping your educational options open.

Amira’s Tips for College Options and Opportunities as a Military Spouse or Girlfriend:

  1. Consider your future location changes (research school options).
  2. Take online classes whenever possible (research prerequisites).
  3. If you can’t take online classes, look into 8-week class options.
  4. Consider getting your degree in steps.
  5. If your Military loved one has to move suddenly, talk to professors about expediting grades or class completion options.
  6. Take prerequisites at a community college to save money.
  7. Take advantage of Military tuition benefits, discounts, and in-state tuition.

  Watch the video to get another MilSpouse’s take on the situation.   Do you have any education advice?

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