Niya Taubl!


My husband an I would love to have a date night. We just welcomed our fourth child a few weeks ago an before that we haven’t had the time or money to go out. We live in a state were we have no family an few friends. With having three kids an a new born it is super expensive to find a sitter an still have the money to able to go out. It would be so nice to be able to go out just for one night with out any worries.


A super big congratulations to Niya and her service member for being the winner of this year’s date night contest! We had some fantastic entries, all of whom we want to thank for sharing their stories!

As they say, home is where the Military sends you! With 4 children, and few friends and no family nearby, it’s got to be tough to get out into the community and start getting to know new people and all the great things your town has to offer. The SpouseLink and Sittercity teams hope that you’ll be able to get the kiddos settled with a Sittercity caregiver while you and the hubby take an adventure out and about, spending some one-on-one time together to hang out as a couple. Cheers!

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