Christina Stevens is making the most out of what has surely been a tough year.  The 31-year old had her leg amputated after her foot was crushed while working on the breaks of her Toyota Prius this February. After a co-worker jokingly suggested she build a leg made of legos, Christina  decided to re-create her sturdier prosthetic. And what a sense of humor she has! Christina has made a point of turning lemons into lemonade on her Facebook page where she shares humorous posts about her amputee experiences, lessons she learns along the way and amputee friends she has made. A below-the-knee amputee for less than 6 months, Christina hasn’t missed a beat. She’s climbing ladders in the name of home improvement, has a tattoo encouraging people to ask her about her amputation and is always looking to smile and go on adventures. We’re loving how resilient this woman is. With over 875,000 views on YouTube, we’re not the only ones that feel this way; she’s a great inspiration to fellow amputees out there! Do you have an inspiring story about an amputee that you know?

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