Has your military family’s finances felt the impact of the current COVID-19 crisis? If they haven’t yet, you may be one of the lucky ones, but there’s always a chance for events like this to impact your job security, personal finances, and retirement savings. That makes it increasingly important to stay on top of your money and to have a plan in place that will help keep you and your family secure.

AAFMAA’s latest free webinar can help you prepare.

Join AAFMAA Chief Operating Officer Jerry Quinn and Assistant Secretary Charlene Wilde, premiering on April 23, at 9am or 3pm, for a complimentary presentation that can help you remain financially stable, avoid financial pitfalls, and access recovery resources during a crisis such as COVID-19.

Space is limited. So register now to reserve your spot in either the 9am or 3pm session.

To watch previous free AAFMAA webinars covering important Military Family topics, such as preparing for deployment, mortgage points, social security secrets, and much more, head over to the AAFMAA Learning Hub. You can watch all of the webinars on-demand anytime.

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