You’ll never know how valuable life insurance is until the day you need it. Protect your family with AAFMAA’s Level Term I life insurance policy.

Having been around since 1879, AAFMAA knows a thing or two about life insurance, financial services and survivor services when it comes to the military community.

If you and your service member are under the age of 50 (40 for smokers) and want to supplement SGLI, or replace SGLI coverage upon retirement (or whatever the reason is for leaving the military), AAFMAA’s Level Term I Life Insurance might be the a great asset to your family.

Level Term I can protect your spouse, children and grandchildren 18-23 years old.

What sets this policy apart from the rest?

With a no war, no aviation and no terrorist clause; it will cover your spouse while they’re deployed, and coverage will continue for the whole family after your service member separates from the military. Coverage can be up to $800,000 with no limits based on rank or deployment status.

This policy provides protection to your family and membership into AAFMAA. Once your service member becomes an AAFMAA member, you and your children (dependents) are eligible to apply for life insurance.  All AAFMAA member policies also come with survivor assistance services.

Check out how to become a member and get more information on the Level Term I life insurance policy.

Solutions for Your Military Family:

Life Insurance, Wealth Management, Mortgages, Survivor Services, and more.

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