Mr. and Mrs. R are a military couple going through some major life transitions. Mr. R is a recent retiree and Mrs. R recently separated from the military. They decided to sign up for AAFMAA’s Premier Services for VA help.

Mrs. R has been trying to get someone at the VA to understand her medical conditions (possibly Gulf War Syndrome) and how to obtain helpful treatment.

To help Mrs. R with this process, an AAFMAA representative provided her with a clear, guided approach to file a claim to the Dept. of VA.  The AAFMAA representative also located and provided directions to a VAMC department that could specialize in treating her conditions, or at least have a better understanding of them.

AAFMAA was able to turn an overwhelming situation into a supported and personalized plan.

Mr. R already had a service connected VA disability established but was frustrated with how to make the VA understand that his health conditions were becoming worse. An AAFMAA representative was able to provide the actual regulation and an understanding about how to present the claim to make the VA better understand the condition (albeit it may not seem logical it is how the VA operates).

Both Mr. and Mrs. R were able to take advantage of AAFMAA services to help them understand the VA process. They become educated on the VA system and how to obtain the benefits available to them. It is really only then that a veteran can achieve the maximum benefits due. That is the role of AAFMAA’s VA department.

Give AAFMAA a call at 800.522.5221 to get started simplifying your life.

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