America is whole again now that the Twinkie is back on store shelves after a brief hiatus. We all love over-salted, over-processed deliciousness; but as a nation, we’re not getting enough of the healthy stuff.

In a country overrun by diabetes, heart disease and obesity, doctors are literally prescribing fruits and veggies to children and adults to minimize, prevent and reverse these conditions.

On the other hand, in recent news, doctors are quick to hand out powerful prescriptions for troubles such as back pain. The vast majority of these cases aren’t aided by medications. Many of the painkillers given to those seeking relief for back pain are potentially addictive narcotics. Surveys show that yoga, physical therapy and over-the-counter painkillers are just as effective in treating the pain, if not more effective.

Hollywood beauties such as Gweneth Paltrow definitely works out regularly to keep the body she’s become famous for. To make her workouts easier, and to keep her body in better overall health, she “eats clean” to keep the weight off. Her healthy habits make her a worthy role model for lifestyle alterations.

What can we learn from this? Moderation.

Definitely leave room for a Twinkie now and then, after supper. Be inspired and find fun ways to enjoy healthy foods. Try to get some exercise each day, but that doesn’t mean you have to work out like a maniac. Don’t expect a pill to fix everything and remember the importance of moderation.

 How do you practice moderation? Share your story or advice with us!

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