By: Mike McCray


When GovX and its president, Tony Farwell, set out to release a military-only version of the video game “Medal of Honor: Warfighter,” they faced a challenge.

How could they close the divide between standard first-person shooter video games and the warfare military players have experienced in real life? To make the game seem authentic, the company went straight to the source and consulted with U.S. Special Operations Command Tier-1 operators, as well as special operations units from Poland, Australia and Germany, among others.

Electronic Arts released “Medal of Honor: Warfighter” on Oct. 23. A limited-edition version of the game has been released exclusively for military players by GovX, the California-based online shopping partner tailored to active-duty, reserved and retired members of the armed forces and related government agencies.

Farwell, the founder of GovX Inc., said EA was careful to make sure equipment and tactics seen in the game were credible, something players who have served in the military would notice instantly.

But to make it different than other first-person shooter games, early promotion for the game focused on the human side of war.


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