On June 6, 1944, over 150,000 Allied forces stormed the beaches at Normandy.  What is now known as D-Day is remembered as the largest amphibious invasion in military history.  Rushing through the water, up the beaches and towards the cliffs with over 80 pounds of equipment and nothing to protect them from the Nazi bombardment, those men showed true determination and bravery. Nearly 2 months after Allied troops took on the challenge of defeating the oppressors, France was liberated from Nazi power.

69 years later, the Western world thanks the remaining veterans that survived that day.  Celebrate those who made it out alive, and honor those who didn’t. Without those troops, the second World War would have no doubt lingered on for years, taking many more lives with it.

The world was (and is) captivated by the impact of D-day. Saving Private Ryan, The Longest Day and Band of Brothers are only a few film representations of the fascination with the strategy, classic warfare stories and bravery that took place on that 50-mile stretch of beach.

Thank you to all the men and women who have served our country in the past or who currently serve. You’re devotion to our country and our freedom is priceless.

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