If you find yourself moving around the country or the world with your spouse and family, holding down a traditional career may not be possible. Traditional full-time careers may also not be something you want.

A Career in Your Suitcase” is a super helpful resource for those who move where the military sends them and for MilSpouses who want to work from home, on their terms. If you’re keeping track of the kids, the house and working as a single parent while your spouse is deployed, a portable career is a great way to turn your hobbies into money.

In the updated and revised 4th edition, “A Career in Your Suitcase” continues to provide inspiring and supportive resources and information to anyone thinking of starting a portable career. The book includes exercises to help you brainstorm and organize your thoughts.  Colleen Reichrath-Smith joins author Joanna Parfitt, offering advice she has learned working as a career consultant within the latest edition of the book.

Be sure to check out “A Career in Your Suitcase” on your kindle or grab a paperback copy on Amazon.  If you’re unsure about where your travels will lead you, take control of the future of your career. This resource is a great place to start if you’re curious about, intimidated by, or in the process of creating your own portable career.

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