The search for the perfect gift can be a stressful experience for both givers and receivers. On the giving side, it can be difficult to find a thoughtful gift at the right price. And, for the recipient, more stuff is often just that — more stuff.

Break free of the struggle this holiday season by gifting an experience rather than a physical present. Experiences make fantastic presents because they create lasting memories that can be savored for years to come. What’s more, they can fit every budget because you can give anything from heartfelt homemade experience to extravagant outings. Below are 9 different gifts that fit 3 different budgets, so you can give a great experience without putting a strain on your wallet.

Budget: $

1. Coffee

Grabbing a coffee with a loved one may be a common activity, but it is always so welcome and meaningful.

Taking a break out of your busy lives to sit with each other and share a fun and thoughtful conversation shows how much you care for your loved one and want to connect with them one-on-one. A coffee and a pastry for each of you will only set you back $15.

2. Hike

Taking your loved one hiking is a welcome way of wandering off the beaten path and experiencing a new point of view.

Pack a couple of water bottles and snacks and venture off into nature. Let your local, natural scenery take your breath away and feel the stress of the day-to-day melt away. This gift is free!

3. Comedy Show

Shake up your usual routine and have a low-budget night out by finding a local comedy or improv show.

Many local bars or theaters put on weekly or monthly shows that will get you laughing, thinking, and cracking inside jokes with your loved one for years to come. A local show will cost about $30 for two people.

Budget: $$

4. Mini golf

Strike up some fun competition with your friends by challenging them to a round of mini golf.

The low stakes keep it friendly while the promise of establishing a reining mini golf champion within your group is sure you to get everyone excited. A round will cost about $40 for 2-3 people.

5. Museum tickets

Do you have a loved one who’s super into history, nature, or aeronautics but doesn’t have space for one more book or piece of memorabilia on their shelves?

Treat them to a fun and educational day at a museum that caters directly to their interests. Tickets will cost around $50 for 2 people.

6. Pub crawl

Think of this as the grown-up version of a coffee date with a little adventure sprinkled in.

Pub crawls will take you to a few different bars or breweries and trying a drink at each one. You can create your pub crawl map from places you’ve shared memories with a loved one or you can find a company that organizes pub crawls around a theme such as historical landmarks or haunted locations. A pub crawl for 2 will cost about $60.

Budget: $$$

7. Massage

Who doesn’t love a little pampering?

A massage is a great gift for hard-working loved ones who could use a chance to slow down and absorb a little TLC. A massage typically runs around $100 put you can often find good deals on sites like

8. Theme park passes

Adventurous friends will love the opportunity to hop on a rollercoaster at a moment’s notice.

If you have easy access to a theme park, look into their season passes. Local residents can often steal great deals for around $150.

9. Concert tickets

Do you and a loved one have a favorite band you’re always singing along to and blasting on your stereo?

If they’re touring in your area, gifting a couple concert tickets are the first step to an incredible and memorable night. Concert tickets may cost around $100 each.

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