We’re in love with the Babble website. It is by far one of the most comprehensive sites on babies and parenting. We’ve put together a list of our 5 favorite stories from Babble.

1. 10 Ridiculous Pregnancy Questions from Yahoo! Answers

Okay, this may be making fun of people… but it’s hilarious. If you’ve ever surfed the Yahoo! Answers site, you know firsthand that some people post unbelievable questions. A little pregnancy humor for our soon-to-be MilSpouse mamas!

2. 7 Most Disturbing Movies for Toddlers

This blog is incredibly helpful! Even though it’s marketed to your little ones, it doesn’t mean they won’t have nightmares about the big monster in it. Think of Disney–most of their movies have some pretty scary villains! Abbey Westbury gives you a heads up on which movies to avoid if you want to get through the night without your little one crying.

3. No More Time Outs

Stephanie Thompson gives an interesting view on why she is using other ways to discipline her kids.

4. Autism’s Puzzling Pieces

Babble has a lot of great articles about Autism. Heather Turgeon takes a look at the latest results in Autism research and brings up some good questions.

5. 10 Tech Relics I’ll Have to Explain to My Kids

One of the great things about this site is that it has a Dad section. Jeanette Issa puts together a great blog full of floppy disks, cassettes, and more. It’s weird to think about babies knowing how to use an iPhone and never being able to understand how we used anything before that!

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