American Veterans have fought long and hard to protect the freedom we enjoy as citizens. As a country, it’s important that we honor their service and support them in their post-military endeavors. One of the best ways to do this is to purchase goods and services from Veteran entrepreneurs — including Veteran-owned clothing companies.

With Veteran’s Day and the holiday season around the corner, this is the perfect time to start supporting more Veteran-owned businesses. Whether you’re shopping for a coffee enthusiast or liquor connoisseur, there are endless Veteran-owned options. 

If you’re looking to do some shopping and intend on purchasing clothing, do our Veterans (and yourself) a favor and shop at one of these 8 Veteran-owned clothing companies. Read on to learn more about their products and their backstories!

8 Veteran-Owned Apparel Companies

It’s no secret that discipline, attention to detail, and general expertise are well-honed through military service. These qualities lend themselves to excellent craftsmanship and business acumen. 

This is why buying Veteran-owned goods isn’t just a way to show support — it’s also a wise move as a consumer. 

1. Nine Line Apparel

According to their website, Nine Line Apparel was founded “by patriots, for patriots.” This Army Veteran-owned clothing company can be described as a unique lifestyle apparel brand that stands firm in its values. They sell apparel and accessories for men, women, and children in addition to home decor, tactical gear, and more.

Nine Line’s name got its origin from a military term that refers to a medevac request to assist an injured soldier on the battlefield. The company refers to Nine Line as a symbol of hope, and strives to be a beacon of support to the Veteran community and others in need. They carry out this mission by financially backing charity organizations that help first responders, military servicemembers and Veterans, and disaster relief initiatives.

2. American Spartan Apparel

American Spartan Apparel is one of the most popular Marine Veteran-owned clothing companies. This brand was founded in 2008 by an ex-U.S. Marine who, while serving abroad, dreamed of running his own tactical clothing company upon returning stateside. The brand specializes in military-themed patches, backpacks, hats, and T-shirts.

The company’s motto, “Kill the Day”, represents the value they place on having a strong work ethic. Their website states that they’re committed to achieving and producing the best quality products. They’ve also supported charitable organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, March of Dimes, Breast Cancer Awareness Programs, among others.

3. Eagle Six Gear

Eagle Six Gear is a business situated in Colorado Springs that was “created for the American patriot who is proud of where they come from and what our country stands for.” The business is owned by two Veterans who founded the business based on their vision to employ Americans, create jobs, and produce some patriotic shirts in the process.

There are over a dozen Patriotic collections available, each with a unique theme. You can find hoodies, T-shirts, accessories, and many other great gifts in their online store. 

4. Danger Close Apparel

According to the Danger Close Apparel site, “The term ‘Danger Close’ refers to close air support strikes that are extremely close to the ground force, and it symbolizes the ultimate trust on the battlefield.” This company was founded by an Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) Veteran and continues today to connect all flying and SOF communities.

Danger Close makes apparel and accessories for men and women. Popular products include patches, flags, and T-shirts from their various collections.

5. Frontline Military Apparel

Frontline Military Apparel is another popular Marine Veteran-owned clothing company. Naturally, motifs of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) are extensively represented in its collections. They offer T-shirts for adults, women, and children, as well as a unique selection of accessories and gift items. Expect the T-shirts to include catchy comebacks, motivational phrases from the Marine Corps, and traditional Semper-Fi slogans.

6. Devil Dog Shirts

Devil Dog Shirts is another Marine Veteran-owned clothing company to support. They strive to express gratitude to anyone and everyone who has served or is serving in the Marine Corps. Their high-quality apparel — available for men, women, and children — is designed to embody the warrior ethos.

They also sell novelty coins, patches, face masks, and more. An added bonus of this company is its “Blood Stripe Guarantee,” under which all of its products are covered for life. This means if anything you buy from them becomes damaged, they’ll send you a replacement or allow you to exchange the damaged item for a product of equal or lesser value.

7. STZY Footwear

Next on our list of Veteran-owned clothing companies is STZY Footwear. Founder & CEO Anthony Crosby is a retired U.S. Naval Officer who’s passionate about making a positive difference in the world, one sock at a time. Their technical crew socks, no-show socks, and slides are available for purchase online.

Launching in 2023, the STZY Foundation will serve as a non-profit committed to positively impacting the lives of student athletes in need all over the world one step at a time, and to help them Keep. Pushing. Forward.

8. Freedom Fatigues

Rounding out our list of Veteran-owned clothing companies is Freedom Fatigues. According to their site, they are a “Veteran/LEO owned and operated company dedicated to producing unapologetically patriotic apparel and accessories that are exclusively made right here in the USA.”

Freedom Fatigues works hard to ensure they only partner with  small businesses that specialize in creating high-quality, American-made products that are well made and that you’d be proud to wear. They strive to embody the American way of life, supporting Americans and Veterans everywhere.

When it comes to shopping — regardless of whether it’s for routine purchases or holiday gifts — it helps to be mindful of where you’re putting your money. Every purchase you make goes to support the mission behind the brand, so why not wear your support for our Veterans proudly by shopping at these Veteran-owned apparel brands?

More Veteran-Owned Businesses to Support:

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