Still feel like your house could use some last minute Halloween decorations? There can never be enough, right!? Store bought decorations are great for a polished look, but sometimes it’s fun to create little crafts with friends and family to feel festive and create some super fun memories and keepsakes! Get in that spooky spirit that only comes around once a year and dig into these fun, quick crafts that barely cost a thing! Create your creepy masterpieces without fear of an empty wallet! (eeeek!) BeautyTakenIn shows how to make:
  • A bloody candle
  • Glowing hand lights
  • A blood-stained hand towel
  • Eyeball light strand
  • Jack-o-lantern mini-lights
  • Glowing eyes (perfect to set out in your front yard after dark on Halloween!!!)
  • Pumpkin candy bowl

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