Arguably, every day should be devoted to celebrating Moms. Though that isn’t the case, the good news is that someone had the bright idea to create at least one day of the year that is specifically set aside to make mothers feel special: Mother’s Day! And it’s coming up soon, so it’s time to start thinking about what makes Mom feel adored and appreciated. The answer to that, of course, is as unique as Mom herself — because each mom has her own hobbies, interests, and concerns.

That’s why we have come up with a lot of ideas for you — whether your mom is a gardener, crafter, or fashionista — to help you give her a charming gift collection that will express your love for her in the most sincere way. Take a look!

(P.S. If you’re a Military Mom who happens to be on her own for Mother’s Day… pick one (or all!) of the gifts below and give them to yourself. You totally deserve it!)


care package supplies

This one’s for the Military Mom who devotes her heart, mind and time to raising the kids while her Military Man is away. Consider giving her a collection of things that help take her mind off the weight a Military lifestyle can put on her shoulders. Or give her some supplies to help her keep up Dad’s morale when he’s not close to home.

Gift Idea: Do a care package flip on her. Find a mailing box you can slip a few “coupons” into for babysitting, dog walking or petsitting. You can also put a few seasoning mixes or ready-made frozen meals inside so she’ll have fewer nights to worry about what to make for dinner. If you can swing it, help plan a daytrip for her or simply a day off. Give her a chance to get away to refresh her batteries and spirit. Final thought: If she needs help paying a bill or two… consider throwing in something that can help her do that.

Bathing Beauty

Bathtime Accessories

If your mom is the kind that loves to luxuriate in a hot, scented, bubbly bath, this one’s for her. Give her what she needs to indulge for a morning, afternoon or evening. The plan: Total relaxation that takes her cares away and leaves her feeling fresh and renewed.

Gift Idea: Choose a scent that “feels” like her and carry it throughout your gift package as a basenote theme. Then assemble a jar of scented, floral-infused bath salts, lotion, a facial masque, and a candle together in a small basket. Slip in a bar of her favorite chocolate, a soft bath pillow and gift card for a mani/pedi at a local spa or salon. She’ll feel so good afterward, she won’t want to do anything for the rest of the day! And you’ll feel good knowing it’s all your fault!

Creative Crafter

Sewing kit

This one’s for the mom who taught you everything you know about hemming pants, creating gift cards, sewing clothes and accessories. It’s likely she has at least a handful of projects she’s anxious to try, so why not give her a handful of project supplies she can start working with. Or, Plan B: Spend the day crafting with her! Show her how much you care just by being there.

Gift IdeaGet crafty and find a set of useful storage containers for Mom’s crafts. Then add in a gift card for her favorite sewing or craft store… or even the nearest dollar store, or an online shop. Add a small assembly of basic craft and sewing notions, such as buttons, spools of thread, pins, needs, a pretty pin cushion (bonus points if you make it yourself for her!) and some crafting inspiration in the form of a craft or sewing idea book.

Fashionably Fabulous


Does your mom love to shop for the finer things that accessorize her life? Get her what she pines for from her favorite shop… or for the whole shopping mall. Maybe she’s had her eye on a pair of cute shoes… or maybe her sunglasses went missing last summer. Step in as the hero or heroine with gifts that will keep Mom’s pretty smile on her face!

Gift Idea: You know which purse or tote Mom has been talking about, so go get it for her — then fill it with a pretty scarf, sweet perfume, fancy pen and notepad, a lipstick and compact, and a gift card to her favorite shop so she can get more things to put in it. Don’t forget to tuck a coin in one of the pockets for good luck!

Animal Lover

dog cat pin

Mom doesn’t have to be a Crazy Cat Lady or the companion of Man’s Best Friend to love animal-inspired gifts. She just needs to have a soft spot for pets and other furry creatures. Take a hint and create a cute and furry assortment of trinkets and practical objects she can use for her own pets… or just because she loves the pattern and color of zebras.

Gift Idea: If Mom has a pet, get her a gift card to her favorite pet store so she can buy the food and other accessories her fur baby needs. Put it inside a coffee mug with a photo of her favorite cat on it, or simply the breed of her dog. You can also find a pretty broach, necklace or bracelet that sparkles in the shape of an animal… or a soft cozy faux fur throw pillow for her bed or sofa. Even a framed print of the family pet can bring a smile to her face.

Graceful Gardener

watering the garden

Does Mom love the Great Outdoors… especially the lovely flowers in her own garden? Take a cue from her gardening shed and update any of her garden supplies that have seen better days. Even if you think she’s already got everything she needs, there is always room for a kneeling pad, water spritz bottle or clippers.

Gift Idea: Purchase a pretty pot that will stand out in Mom’s garden. Fill it with a few basic gardening tools, a pretty new pair of gardening gloves, a few seed and bulb packets and a gift card to Mom’s local garden center. Or simply help her decorate her garden with gorgeous light-catching glass-beaded windchimes, a garden flag holder and assortment of seasonal flags, or handmade (by you!) garden decor, such as a sparkly sphere, stepping stone, painted rocks. A set of solar lights will welcome visitors to Mom’s door.

Daydreaming Decorator

Faux Fur Blanket

Is your mom always glancing through design mags and gathering decorating pins on Pinterest? Jumpstart her home decor update with a few accessories you’ve seen on her design wall. If you’re nearby and game, you may also want to offer to shop with her and actually do some of the work on her house so she can accomplish the tasks she’s looking forward to most.

Gift Idea: Find a large decorative bowl (a serving bowl or statement piece), then place a small art print in it or a home design book for more inspiration. Roll up a luxurious fur blanket that will create an instant feeling of comfort and warmth, no matter what time of year or climate. And, finally, include a gift card for her favorite home goods store so that she can buy her next favorite thing on a moment’s notice.

Have something special in mind for Mother’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments below, or click “Tell Your Story”.

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