Did you know that the number of plastic bottles the U.S. throws away in one week would circle the earth five times? And that only 1% to 3% of all plastics used — not just bottles — are recycled?

Startling statistics on plastic waste like these are the driving force behind this year’s Earth Day campaign (April 22, 2018) to end plastic pollution. Get creative in your efforts to help reduce the amount of plastic that is improperly disposed of into landfills and waterways by repurposing your empty plastic bottles into useful creations! Below are 6 DIY projects for plastic bottles that will spruce up your home in a sustainable way.

1. Piggy Bank

Whether you’re saving up for something special or just need a place to collect change for the parking meter, these DIY piggy banks are the perfect place to store your loose change.

What You Need: Scissors │ Colored and patterned paper │ Water bottle │ Craft glue │ Utility knife │ Hole punch │ Sharpie │ Wooden beads │ Acrylic paint │ Ear templates

Quick How-To:
1. Cut long strips of paper to go around the bottle and glue them in place.
2. Cut a slip in the side of the bottle for coins.
3. Cut out ears using the template and glue them to the bottle.
4. Glue the beads to the bottom of the bottle for feet.
5. Use the hole punch to make nostrils and eyes and glue them onto the bottle or draw them in with a Sharpie.

2. Kitty Cat Planters

Planting a tree has become an Earth Day tradition, but how about bringing the custom indoors? These adorable planters add a pop of fun and a sprig of nature to your home or office.

What You Need: Soda bottle │ Scissors │ Spray paint │ Black and pink paint pens │ Gravel │ Plants

Quick How-To:
1. Use the scissors to cut the bottle into the cat shape, with the bottom of the bottle as the cat’s feet.
2. Use the spray paint to completely cover the cat planter. Once dry, use the paint pens to draw on the cat’s face.
3. Fill the cat planter with gravel and, finally, plant the plant.

3. Plastic Bottle Beads


These captivating beads are like wearing sun catchers as jewelry! Happy Family Art shows you how to turn them into earrings, but what you need for the beads is below.

What You Need: Plastic bottle │ Scissors │ Sharpies │ Candle │ Tweezers │ Nail │ Hammer

Quick How-To:
1. Cut small ovals out of the plastic bottle.
2. Use the Sharpies to color the earrings however you like.
3. Use the tweezers to hold the earrings over the candle and melt them into the shape you want.
4. Using the hammer and nail, punch a small hole into the bead, then they are ready to be added to jewelry.

4. Bird Feeder

There’s little more soothing than waking up to bird songs on a quiet summer morning, and the birds will be singing with joy after finding this bird feeder in your yard.

What You Need: Plastic Bottle │ String │ Dowel rods or wooden spoons │ Birdseed │ Pin │ Scissors

Quick How-To:
1. Using the pin and scissors, poke two sets of two holes on either side of the bottle.
2. Insert the dowel rods through the holes for birds to stand on.
3. Cut two larger holes above the dowel rods for birds to eat from.
4. Poke two holes on either side of the mouth of the bottle and thread the string through it.
5. Fill the bottle with bird seed.

5. Hanging Planter

Running out of patio space for all your plants? Continue building your at-home jungle with these planters that can be hung nearly anywhere.

What You Need: Plastic bottle │ Craft paint │ Paintbrush │ Painter’s tape │ Yarn │ Scissors

Quick How-To:
1. Cut the water bottle 1/3 of the way from the bottom.
2. Cut out shapes from the painter’s tape and place on the water bottle.
3. Paint the water bottles. Why dry, peel off the tape.
4. Use the scissors to punch four holes (evenly spaced in a horizontal row) about halfway down the water bottle and thread the yarn through the holes, tying knots to keep it in place.

6. Bowling Pins

Keep guests entertained while they wait for dinner to be served at your next barbecue with this DIY yard game.

What You Need: 10 plastic bottles │ Paint │ Water │ A ball to bowl with

Quick How-To:
1. Squirt a small amount of paint into each bottle and add about a teaspoon of water.
2. Cap each bottle and shake to coat the inside of each bottle with paint.
3. Remove the caps and let the bottles sit out overnight to dry, then replace caps.

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