A year as wild as 2018 deserves a going out party that’s just as crazy. And given what 2019 will have to follow, it’s only right that any and all New Year’s parties welcome it in with open arms. If you’re hosting this year’s New Year’s celebration, don’t worry. Having a truly fabulous party doesn’t have to break the bank. And you definitely don’t need to be in Times Square to celebrate in style. All you need are the right decorations, the perfect NYE vibes, and champagne. A lot of champagne.

We’ve pulled together our favorite 6 New Year’s Eve DIY projects that will make this midnight one to remember. The rest is up to you…

Starry Garland Headband

On New Year’s, everyone’s dressed to the nines. So it’s the little things that can make an outfit really stand out.

Little things like… a glittery, shimmery headband. Just wrap a few strands and you’re sure to be the star of any party. Nobody will be able to miss you. (Keiko Lynn)

Glitter Disco Ornaments

Wait! Don’t pack up those Christmas Ornaments just yet. Grab a few bulbs and give them a quick dip into the glitter bath.

New year, new ornaments. Now you’ve got perfect little disco balls that’ll transform any room. (Classy Clutter)

Glow Sticks

Not much to really “do” here, but still a fun idea. Everyone thinks of sparklers when they think New Year’s Eve. But sparklers are short-lived and glowsticks are forever (kind of).

Keep a bucket by the door for guests as they walk in. Now, you don’t just have a New Year’s Eve party, you’ve basically got a New Year’s Eve rave.

“Goodbye Old Year”

Let 2018 know how you really feel. Or write words into action for 2019. The choice is yours.

Clear some space, either with a big sheet of paper, or whiteboard, or whatever you have. Then, grab a pen and start letting all the 2018 memories and inside jokes start spilling out.

Confetti Balloons

Do you really enter into the new year if there isn’t any confetti? Before blowing up balloons for your party, fill them with a handful of confetti!

They’ll be a funky floating party favor. Then at midnight, pop ’em all for a confetti shower! (DIY Network)

Champagne JELL-O Shots

Did we mention the champagne? If you’re sick of drinking it you can always eat it.

Everyone else has champagne toasts. Why not mix it up? So versatile, that champagne. (Tipsy Bartender)

Need More New Year’s Ideas? We’ve Got You Covered:

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