Technically, there isn’t a season for burgers. Fruit is seasonal. There are some soups that really only feel right in the winter. Many people wouldn’t crave chowder on obnoxiously hot August days. And even some desserts seem to be more associated with the summer (key lime pie) or fall (pumpkin pie) or somewhere in between.

Burgers, though, can really be enjoyed year round. But the summer months really are peak burger months because of one thing: outdoor grilling. A burger’s always great, but they’re better when you’re flipping patties on the grill under a beautiful blue sky. You can taste the difference.

So, naturally, National Hamburger Day is right after Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial kick-off to summer. So never mind all the cookout food ate all weekend. Grab a burger and celebrate today the right way, with one of these beautiful burgers from Food & Wine

1. L.A. Style Double Cheeseburgers

What’s better than one burger? Two, obviously. This delicious double-decker from chef Roy Choi has everything you want from a classic burger: beef patties, cheese, lettuce, tomato onion. And then Choi adds his own little twist.

2. Chicken Burgers with Spicy Peanut Sauce

Not all burgers come from cows. In fact, this one comes from a chicken. Perfect for the classic burger lover looking for a creative new classic, or the dinner guest who doesn’t eat red meat. This sandwich will change the way you think about burgers.

3. BBQ-Glazed Turkey Burgers

Chickens aren’t the only birds being burgerized. Turkey burgers can substitute just fine for beef and are a much healthier alternative. And with this BBQ bathed burgers, you won’t be sacrificing any flavor.

4. Nacho Burger

You like nachos? You like burgers? Say no more. This nacho burger is exactly what it sounds like and exactly what you need.

5. Lola Burger

Breakfast for dinner is an upheaval of the societal-ly agreed upon order of eating. But it’s delicious and it doesn’t stop anybody from whipping up some sunset pancakes and bacon every now and then. The Lola burger’s the same idea. It combines a breakfast sandwich with a burger to get the best of both the breakfast and dinner world onto one plate. Enjoy.

6. Vietnamese Banh Mi Burger

For decades, burgers have existed without much change. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But this banh mi burger might just have fixed something that was never broken to begin with. Sick of boring burgers? This one’s for you.

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