It happens at the same time each and every year, but that certainly doesn’t make it any easier to get ready for. The back-to-school season is always a whirlwind of new supplies, new schedules, and new responsibilities — and it’s not all just for the kids. The first few weeks of a new school year are just as hectic for parents as they are for students. Luckily, technology has made the back-to-school season a lot easier with a lot less stress. These days, a few apps can solve (almost) all of your problems. Well… all of your school-related problems, that is. You’re on your own for everything else.

Here are 6 apps that all MilSpouses should download NOW if you haven’t already. We promise they will make the back-to-school transition much easier for you and your kids. Whenever a new headache comes up throughout the year, just remember the old saying… “There’s an app for that.”

1. gFlash

Long recognized as the best flashcard app on the market, gFlash offers users a robust platform for creating, downloading, and manipulating flashcards in every subject under the sun.

Create custom flashcard sets using text, audio, and pictures. Just choose whatever works best for your assignment and get to memorizing. gFlash also has tons of existing flashcard sets that could satisfy your studying needs, so you might not have to do any work making them after all! Plus, gFlash doesn’t just have flashcards. There are also studying and memorization games to help make the material more interactive, as well as quizzes for any extra bit of test prep you need.

2. Cozi

Cozi is technically a calendar app, but it’s so much more. Think of this app as a “Family Organizer.” Yes, it has a calendar that you can fill with everyone’s schedule, and color code it. But it has a whole lot more.

In addition to personalized calendars, you can create and manage to-do lists for everyone in the family. You can store recipes and pictures. Interactive shopping lists that anyone can update in real-time means you’ll never “forget” anything at the grocery store again. And their day at a glance feature helps you get a quick view of what’s in store every morning.

We told you it wasn’t just a calendar app.

3. MyHomework

Sometimes it’s not the work that’s holding our kids back in the classroom, it’s just how they manage their time. With countless extracurriculars and distractions seemingly increasing by the day, it can be tough to stay on task.

MyHomework makes it easy by helping track assignments and due dates. Students can even get reminder notifications as deadlines and tests start approaching. And with the ability to sync your homework load and schedule across devices, there’s no excuse for forgetting to do your homework ever again.

Most of MyHomework’s features come free. But for just $4.99 a year, the Premium version offers some additional features, like a file library.

4. Khan Academy

Finding the time, and the money, to get your kids some extra practice or attention outside of the classroom can be tough. And who’s to know if you can really trust your those tutors out there.

Luckily, Khan Academy is trying to help students everywhere get the resources they need. Khan Academy is a non-profit dedicated to providing a world-class education to whoever might need it. That includes MilFams. Their wide array of educational resources will help your kids get any and all of the extra attention they might need after the final bell.

5. Memrise

Memrise “puts a world of learning in your pocket.” Or at least that’s what they claim. While that’s a pretty lofty claim, Memrise actually comes pretty darn close to delivering. They use a blend of personalized learning practices and “interactions” with native speakers to help you learn a new language and actually feel confident using it!

If you or your kids aren’t looking to learn a new language, then maybe Memrise isn’t for you. But it could be down the road, and it’s a whole heck of a lot cheaper than Rosetta Stone.

6. LaLa Lunchbox 

Was lunch anyone else’s favorite elementary school subject? No? Just us? Well, maybe that’s because we weren’t the ones packing those lunches. What sounds like an easy daily task can turn into the literal last thing any parent wants to do late on a school night or first thing in the morning. Luckily, LaLa Lunchbox makes packing lunches easier and a whole lot healthier. Plus, it gets the kids involved so you don’t have to do ALL the work.

The New York Times calls it “a slick, fun little app that helps parents and children plan meals together,” and Cool Mom Tech says it “ingeniously pulls your kids (in) by turning meal planning into a game.” So who’s ready to play?!

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