The holiday season makes deployments and distance from loved ones harder for many military families.  But then again, this distance makes re-uniting with loved ones even sweeter, when the day finally comes! In this video, Airman MSgt. Joseph Martel returns home from his latest deployment in Afghanistan. His wife was there to greet him as soon as he got off the plane. …But he had sneakier plans for reuniting with his son! The couple traveled to Belgium to watch their son play in a high school football game. Disguised in the uniform of an opposing team member, Martel removed his helmet to surprise his son during a time out. As shock and awe set in, Justin Martel’s emotions strike him all at once. Overcome with joy to see his father, this video might bring a tear to your eye. Let its message encourage you to give your service member a big hug this holiday season. If your they won’t be joining you and your family this year, plan something special to make their return a priceless one to look forward to! What’s your favorite homecoming story?

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