Walker Lamond  is a documentary filmmaker whose work has appeared on the National Geographic Channel, TruTV, and HBO. He is a writer at Babble and has created “50 Rules for My Unborn Son: Unsolicited advice for your man-in-training.” Our favorites are number 10, 18 and 22.

1. In Monopoly, buy the orange properties.

2. You are what you do, not what you say.

3. Don’t be afraid of pickup games. It’s the best way to learn.

4. Never be afraid to ask out the best-looking girl in the room. You’ll be surprised how often it works.

5. Watch lightning storms from a safe spot. But watch ’em.

6. Offer your seat to a woman, no matter how old she is.

7. Never side against your brother in a fight.

8. Keep a copy of your letters. It makes it easier on your biographer.

9. Don’t be shy in the locker room. They are all thinking the same thing.

10. Spend time with your mother. She’s cooler than you think.

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