Some winter days can seem cold, stark, inconvenient and very, very long. On the other hand, they can be festive, filled with friendly visits, offer a welcome excuse to enjoy flavorful hearty meals, and inspire projects that add sparkle to your home. To make sure your winter the sparkly kind, we’ve assembled 5 things that will help make the season more comfortable, healthier and happier.

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Read on for 5 Ways to Warm Up Winter

1. Draft Blockers

Keep the cold outside. Cozy up your home with this decorative and useful item that will help keep winter chills away. Measure the width of your windows and doors before you get started, to ensure the draft will be fully covered. If your draft is coming from a window, you will also want to be sure your draft blocker is appropriately sized to sit upon a window sill, versus a floor. In other words, think smaller (narrower) for your windows, larger for your doors.

You can buy one ready-made in home stores, or make your own. If you’re up for making one yourself, try one of these:

Basic Draft BlockerDouble-sided Draft BlockerKid-approved Draft Blocker

Keep in mind:

• You can easily amp up the volume on your decor by turning a “basic” DIY draft blocker into a fancy, bling-y or even a furry one. Simply choose a special fabric that blends in with your home’s design or mood.

• Choose a machine or hand washable fabric for your draft blocker so that you can freshen it up every once in a while from the dirt and dust that arise from daily comings and goings.

2. Cold Remedy

Feeling under the weather? Pre-assembling the ingredients you or a friend might need to fight the sniffles or a cough is a fast and easy way to prepare for seasonal illnesses. You’ll be ready for it all when you have what you need to support your immune system, fight off allergens, and counteract the effects that being sick brings.

Put together a Winter Cold Survival Kit

3. For the Birds

You’re not the only one who’s cold. To help keep your neighborhood birds well fed and their nests warm, here are 3 ideas for bird feeders and, if you have a shaggy pet at home, a great way to repurpose their fur for your flying friends outside.

Cookie-Cutter Feeder
Just choose your cookie cutter shapes, fill them with birdseed mixture, remove the cookie cutters, and hang with string. The birds will love you for it.

Fruit & Popcorn Garland
It’s not just for your Christmas tree or mantel. This version will be devoured and enjoyed… just not by you!

Peanut Wreath
Wire and peanuts. That’s all it takes. Just remember to replenish the peanuts as they are eaten.


Dog Fur Dispenser
Simply collect the fur your dog has shed and stuff it into a bird feeder before hanging it in your garden. Such a great repurposing of what would normally be thrown away.


4. Arm-Knitted Blankets and Scarves

Want to impress yourself with a talent you never knew you had? Try arm knitting! (Yes, it’s a thing.) And just imagine how many quick-knit projects you’ll be making as soon as you master the technique. You will, of course, want to stock up on your supplies ahead of time. You’ll appreciate that more if you’re stuck inside during a snowstorm and looking for something to do.

You’ll find many easy arm-knitting instructions here, such as these projects you can whip up in no time — even as a beginner!

One-Button Wrap

5. Scents of the Season

Love wintertime fragrances? How about the deep, fresh, woody smell of pine? The yummy scents of spiced cider or gingerbread? The sweet minty smell of candy canes? With a few drops of this and that, you can surround yourself in seasonal scents that will keep you in the mood for the magic of wintertime.

20 Holiday Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes


What are your tricks for making the winter warmer? Let us know by commenting below.

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