In today’s world of text messages, email, Facebook and Snapchat, the handwritten letter is a bit outdated. Putting pen to paper just isn’t something we do as often as we used to. But there’s something exciting and nearly magical about taking a break from the keyboard and replacing it with some good old-fashioned penmanship.

The ease of email may have made communication easier, but a notification from Gmail doesn’t illicit the same type of joy as seeing a fresh new envelope with your name on it. Sometimes, getting the real thing is just better. And what better day to send out some of these simple pleasure than on “Send a Card to a Friend Day” (every February 7)!

This month, card’s aren’t only for Valentines. They can be for our servicemembers, too! Along with the care packages and pictures of loved ones, our troops at home and overseas love getting something special and personal delivered. Luckily, there are a bunch of great organizations that help make that happen.

Soldiers’ Angels

Soldiers’ Angels provides aid and comfort to servicemembers, MilFams, and Veterans through a number of different programs. The Deployed Support program specifically helps servicemembers deployed away from their families.

One of this program’s main initiatives? You guessed it… the Letter Writing Team. In 2017, Soldiers’ Angels were able to send more than 130,000 letters to soldiers around the world, as well as over 27,000 care packages. To learn more about all of their programs and — including Letter Writing — check out their website,

Adopt a US Soldier

Adopt a US Soldier (AAUSS) is a non-profit organization that helps show our brave servicemembers that their sacrifices do not go unnoticed by the rest of us.

With more than 1,000,000 active volunteers, AAUSS supports soldiers in over 170 countries, territories, and independent states. And they might sum up the magic of mail best: “A letter is like a hug from home!!” To learn more about everything that AAUSS does, visit their website at

Adopt a Platoon

Adopting a soldier not quite enough for you? Don’t worry, you can step up your support and adopt a whole platoon if that’s more your speed. Not much different from Adopt a US Soldier, Adopt a Platoon has been dedicated to serving U.S. servicemembers since 1998.

Their main mission is to “provide on-going care packages to improve quality of life and raising morale for those serving overseas.”  To learn more about everything they’re sending our troops, visit for more information.

Military Pen Pals

They say it’s all in the name, and for Military Pen Pals from Military Cupid, they’re right. Browse through their collection of servicemembers looking for a friend and, before you know it, you’ll be trading letters back and forth.

For those who might want a little bit more romance in their pen pals, Military Cupid also has a few things for singles searching for military love.

Operation Gratitude

For 2019, Operation Gratitude’s motto is “Make Every Minute Count”. For years, they’ve been doing just that, sending more than 2 million care packages and letters to servicemembers around the world.

Their goal? Smiles. And by the looks of it, they achieved that in a big way last year. In 2018, Operation Gratitude sent over 260,000 care packages and 450,000 letters. Do learn how you can help them send even more in 2019, visit them online at

So… what are you waiting for?! Grab a pen, an envelope, a stamp and get to writing! Send a Card to a Friend Day only come once a year, you know.

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