LuSundra Everett is a MilSpouse that works from home full-time. If you’ve had to put your dreams on hold, you’re tired of looking for a job with every move, you want more time and financial freedom or you want a successful portable career, her 5 suggestions below for portable careers that are perfect for you.

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1) Medical billing and coding

This is one of the most crucial functions in healthcare information management. The role of a medical biller and coder is to categorize the clinical processes executed in a health facility into universally accepted code systems, and can easily be done from home.

2) Virtual assistant

This job provides a variety of support services to clients, from clerical and administrative work to technical and creative responsibilities, all interaction can be completed remotely.

3) Medical transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist transfers voice recordings into a written reports. With the ability to control your routine, transcribe recordings when it fits your schedule.

4) Freelancing

This is the perfect option for MilSpouses with concentrated skills and hobbies. Share skills such as sewing, writing, photography or cleaning with your community while making money in the process.

5) Affiliate marketing

As you promote products for various companies, you earn commissions on sales.

Share your thoughts and suggestions on portable careers.

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