Everyone needs inspiration at some point! Military bloggers make decisions about what to share with their readers. Painters have to get past a blank canvas. Military families get creative when decorating their military housing. Moms have to keep the kiddos entertained with new, different and educational games and activities.  Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly weekend activities, original care package ideas or motivation to begin a daily workout routine, we’ve got some tips to inspire you!

Create a go-to inspiration file.

When you find something that inspires you in a magazine, online or wherever else, put these pictures, stories or ideas into a file.  Create an electronic file on your computer, start using a diary or notebook to store these thoughts or use an actual file in a file cabinet.

The next time you’re thinking about buying a new sofa, you can look up that awesome design inspiration photo you cut out of that magazine last year.

Separate yourself and don’t over-think it.

Temporarily remove yourself from the project. Sometimes, focusing on something you really care about can lead to over-thinking those ideas and becoming overwhelmed. If you’re not making progress with your ideas or activity, just walk away for a few minutes.

Go for a run, listen to some music or make a snack. Do whatever helps you get your mind completely off of the topic at-hand. Come back to it once your mind feels fresh and ready to take on the project.

Get out of the house and try something new!

One of the most widely accepted sources of inspiration comes from travel. This doesn’t mean you have to drop everything and take a grand trip to Paris…although it might be nice! Observing new surroundings, situations and cultures offer variety to your usual routine. This is a great way to get those creative juices flowing, inspiring you to perfect your work.

Take a walk on your lunch break, people watch while your kids are playing in the park, plan a summer trip to the beach or go hiking during the weekend.

Have a drink and get some sleep.

Studies show that alcohol can give you a creative boost. Don’t over-do it, but a drink or two now and again can really inspire you to solve problems and develop new and creative ideas. If you’re looking to streamline a process in your life or you’re interested in taking up knitting, getting enough sleep is also a useful tool to help initiate a project and carry it out effectively.  Sleep helps your memory and creativity; get enough rest and perform to the best of your ability!

Make time for yourself.

Alone-time is important for creativity.  Do some yoga, listen to music, meditate, watch TV or catch up on your writing. Take time to yourself to get motivated, inspired, prepared or started on your next creative adventure!

What gives you inspiration?

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