If you’ve been married for a few months now, you’ll notice not everything you enjoy doing your spouse enjoys doing. This could have an added benefit for Military Spouses.

With my husband being a combat Marine, during our first 3 years of marriage he was gone A LOT.  Between a deployment and multiple week long ‘field exercises,’ it took a while to adjust to married life. It also took a while to learn how to make the most of things when my spouse was away.

I came to the conclusion that rather than being miserable and lonely (which does no good for yourself or your spouse), I made up my mind that I wanted to enjoy myself. Thus, I’m passing along ways to actually have a great time when your spouse is away.

All the girly TV time you want!

You can actually watch your favorite television shows. Yes, all “The Bachelor” or “Real Housewives” type shows you can watch- at home- with no judgment, comments, or just plain refusal for it to be on the television!

Indulge in things YOU enjoy

Make your favorite meal or something you enjoy that maybe he doesn’t. Something you typically wouldn’t eat or cook if you were together, simply because they don’t like it.

Have ‘me time’

You can have time to do anything you enjoy doing that they don’t particularly enjoy.

Have a ‘girls night’

If your husband is deployed or in a field exercise, most likely, there are other spouses in the same boat that would be thrilled to have a fun night out with other people. Friends who understand what you’re going through mean a lot in these situations!

Don’t feel guilty for trying to enjoy yourself

While, deployments and field exercises can be lonely and challenging, stay positive and make the most of each day!

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