Like most Americans every year, you made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, but research shows that most resolutions are broken before the end of January. So how do you beat the odds and stay on track? Here are 5 tips for your weight loss resolution.

Set a reasonable goal
One of the biggest mistakes people make when making a weight loss resolution is to set too lofty of a goal and have the success of the resolution revolve around weight loss. Instead, try making the resolution centered around striving for more energy, increasing your stamina, or getting a better sleep. All of these alternatives are benefits of weight loss and can be measured by how you feel, rather than pounds on the scale.

Consistency wins
Having an all or nothing stance of food is not a successful strategy. Having one ‘bad’ meal will not sabotage your weight loss efforts, but making habitual bad decisions will. The goal is to choose healthy options the majority of the time, with a few cheats here and there. Consistent good choices will make for great success.

Snack with purpose
Eating because you are bored or social eating is a big reason why many do not achieve their weight loss goal. While many make healthy decisions during mealtime, they will often ruin their goal by eating sweets or high calorie snacks between meals. To avert this pit fall, try eating an apple or carrot sticks for a snack and refrain from social eating.

Plan ahead
When days become busy, people often try to save time by getting take-out or fast food. Avert this trap by planning your meals ahead of time. Many healthy dinners take preparation. These preparations can be done on the weekend and frozen for later in the week. Think ahead and you will be successful.

Measure progress in more than pounds
If setting a reasonable goal is the start, then having a reasonable measure of success is the finish. Remember that the number on the scale is not the victory, but its how you feel matters most. Change your idea of success, so you will not become discouraged during the process.

Do you have any suggestions for successful resolutions? Leave us a post or tell us your story.


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