By: Caitlin Murphy

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Whether you are new to exercising or you are a seasoned athlete, from time to time everyone needs an extra push to make it to the gym. For added workout motivation try one of these five tips.

1. Lay out your workout clothes at night

Digging through drawers and rummaging through the closet for workout clothes in the morning when you are tired, might make you apt to skip the gym. Instead, try putting together everything you need for you workout at night.  That means laying out your socks, finding your shoes and compiling your playlist so when the alarm goes off you are ready to go.

2. Make an appointment to workout

We like to keep appointments. Whether those appointments are for the doctor, the hairdresser or lunch with our friends, when something is written on the calendar, we make time for it. Treat your workouts the same way. One of the easiest ways to do this is to sign up for a series of fitness classes. If you have to pay for classes, it’s amazing how not wanting to waste your money is a great motivator.  Another idea, agree on a specific time to workout with a friend. That way you keep each other accountable to show up and workout.

3. Find something you really like to do

a. One of the best ways to ensure you consistently workout is to choose an exercise you actually like to do. Don’t feel pressured to jog on the treadmill or to pick the hottest workout because, the best workout to choose is one you actually enjoy.  With an abundance of fitness options out there like dancing, group exercise classes, yoga or even gardening, there is something for everyone. Try a few different types of workouts to find out one you like.   After all, working out is something good you do for yourself, so make sure it’s something you like to do!

4. Try a workout “tip jar”

While the health benefits of working out are alone rewarding, sometimes you need a bit more incentive to make it to the gym.  Here is an idea to try. Find something you want to buy that is a bit of a splurge; maybe it’s a new dress, the latest garget or even a trip to the movies. Create a “workout tip jar” and each time you complete a workout, drop a quarter or dollar in the jar. When the jar hits that magic number, reward yourself with something new.

 5. The 10 Minutes Test

This is one of my go to tips when I am having a tough time motivating myself to make it to the gym. Make a deal yourself for 10 minutes of exercise, once the 10 minutes are through, if you still don’t feel like working out, you can call it a day. A 10 minute workout is much easier to tackle than 30 or 40 minute workout, and the truth is, once you get started adding a few extra minutes does not seem that bad. Plus, this tip gets you moving for 10 minutes and doing something is always better than doing nothing.

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