By Lisa Smith Molinari
Guest Blogger

With one of her children already in college, another with one year of high school left and a third child not far behind, college is a hot topic in the Molinari household. Pushing debt management and financial dismay onto the back burner, the Molinari parents continue to encourage their children to follow their educational dreams.

If you are a parent who has, is or will eventually tour colleges with your kiddos, these 5 tips will definitely resonate. From the free branded stuff that we all love to collect on tours, the usual stereotypes of college tours, pointing out the obvious and neglecting the things parents actually want to talk about when exploring college campuses.

Lisa Smith Molinari will have you rolling with her tips to college admissions officials around the country:

  1. Free goodies
  2. Walking backwards
  3. Bathroom breaks
  4. The elephant in the room
  5. Getting to the point

Her advice will ease the stress, both financially and nostalgically when you’re preparing to be one step closer to empty nesting.

Go forth and conquer those college tours with your kids!

Read Lisa’s full side-splitting post here.

About Lisa

Lisa Smith Molinari is an award-winning syndicated columnist, author, blogger and speaker. She and her family are currently stationed at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.

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