What does it really take to be a Military Wife? MilSpouse Rachel Earls reached out to her YouTube fan base to gather there perspective and shared all of their thoughts in the video above. For more insight, check out the advice below.
Roxanne Renee also knows what it’s like to be a young Navy wife. She and her husband got married January 2014. He joined the military in July 2013. On January 2014, he went to boot camp. Here are her 5 pieces of advice if you’re new to MilSpouse Life.

1) Hurry up and wait

Patience is key. There will be a lot of short notice situations. Just be patient. This is your spouse’s career.

2) Responsibility

Since your spouse’s work will take up a great deal of time with training, deployment and other responsibilities that come with being a service member, a lot of the responsibility will fall to you. You’ll be alone quite a bit. The finances will be in your hands while your spouse is away. Be responsible. Remember you have bills to pay – bills that are more important that shopping.

3) Don’t go broke

Create a strategy with your spouse. Get a credit card, but use it responsibility. Be careful with your spouse’s pay. Create a budget and stick to it.

4) Be prepared to be alone

A lot of times, you’ll feel like you’re living as a single lady or a single parent. There’s a lot of time apart from your service member. Birthdays and holidays will be missed. Think of fun ways to celebrate even when you’re separated.

5) Be healthy

Comfort food is so tempting after PCSing, during deployment and, let’s face it, throughout the year. Every once in a while, spoil yourself with some comfort food. Watch some TV, relax. But, also make sure you take care of yourself. Keeping yourself healthy, will help you stay happy. Stay fit, and get moving.

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