It’s the last month of the year, so it makes sense that you should start thinking about how you can make your New Year’s resolution come true. Anyone can make a lofty New Year’s goal, but the most successful resolutions are ones that are grounded in reasonable ideas. Here are 5 simple tips for keeping your resolutions.

Choose realistic goals
One of the biggest obstacles in keeping a resolution is that people simply aim too high. Choosing a realistic goal like cutting back on sweets or losing a few pounds are smart decisions. Setting difficult goals like changing your life, your career, your family are too broad and are destined to fail. Keeping goals small and simple is a great formula for success. You can shoot for a large goal by setting smaller success points, but small easily achievable resolutions are the most successful.

Plan your goals
Planning successful goals rely on creating specifics. Just saying you will lose weight or get a new job isn’t good enough. Write down the steps and process of achieving these goals. For example, a great first step to losing weight is doing research and creating a meal plan. These steps you create will also act as success points to your goal. These mini successes are also mini victories that will help you continue on to your final goal. Don’t rely on quick fixes or magical answers. There are no shortcuts to New Year’s resolutions. Stick to your plan and you will achieve your goal.

Set a schedule
The first step in a great schedule is being reasonable with the time your goal takes. Losing 10 pounds is not achievable in a week, but it is achievable in a month. Your schedule is important to make sure you do not ‘crash’ or set yourself up to fail. Just like the other tips, be reasonable. Place your schedule on your smart phone with alerts attached to workout or reminders to eat right. Use a monthly calendar to mark off successful days to keep you honest. Anything that will reinforce your reasonable schedule is a step to success.

Don’t be discouraged by setbacks
Remember that you are only human and you will make mistakes. If you keep this in mind and keep to your plan, these small stumbles will be put into perspective and will not bring you down. Setbacks are very common in all things, so thinking that your New Year’s resolution will not have any or putting the resolution in another category with higher standards will ultimately lead to you feeling defeated and probably give up sooner. Setbacks are just a part of the process and they will not derail your forward progress. Keep to the plan and you will see results.

Ask for help
Some people find that losing weight or quitting smoking can’t be accomplished on their own. Whether it’s in the form of a professional, a family member, or a formal support group, consider enlisting someone’s help. This help will not only keep to your plan, but it will help you realize your own strengths and limitations.

Do you have any tips to help you achieve your New Year’s resolution? Leave us a post or tell us your story.


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