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When it comes to homeschooling children, many people are skeptical. It is often believed not only that it will not teach children all the things they would learn at school, but it will also hinder their socialization.

Those in favor of homeschooling though, know and acknowledge that these problems can easily be surpassed with a tight studying plan. And, homeschooling your Military Kids can make a huge difference in their ability to adapt to a new duty location.

One of the biggest assets of homeschooling can be nightschooling. This is a method that many haven’t thought of trying but, if used right, it can be a great solution to a plethora of issues.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider giving nightschooling a try!

1. If you are an employed parent

In our time and day, it’s very difficult for a family to only have one of the two parents working. That becomes a problem when the parent who is the primary homeschooler also has a career outside the home. This is something many Military Spouses can especially relate to, since your partners may be away for weeks or months at a time. Your attention is drawn in several different directions at once.

Nightschooling, can give you a great opportunity to homeschool your child, and still be a working parent. This method will allow you to work during the day and homeschool your child at night, when you are free.

It gives the child enough time to rest during the day and also finish its homework. If this is the case though, you will probably need a child care provider to take care of your kid during the day, while you are at work.

2. If your child stays up late

It is not rare to find a child that is a night owl. While some kids are more productive in the early hours of the morning, others thrive in the late hours of the night.

One of the biggest advantages of homeschooling is being able to adapt the learning to your child’s personal needs and abilities. Nightschooling can help you work efficiently and according to child’s internal clock.

If the child is productive after 10pm, it is best for you to allow them to do their homework or teach them at that time. You will come to find that they will be far more concentrated and work harder than any other time, since that is the hour that works the best for them.

3. If you are living a learning lifestyle

A learning lifestyle is a great way for you to keep educating yourself on various topics. This will have a very positive impact on your child and teach it to love learning and studying.

The learning can be done at any time of the day, but it would be best to separate your common learning hours from the hours that you schedule your kids’ curriculum-related subjects. This will allow you to do a variety of things during the day and support their non-curricular learning in a fun way, possibly even outside of the house.

4. If your child is easily distracted

We all know it can be very frustrating trying to teach anything to a child who cannot concentrate easily. This was also the case for a good friend of mine, whose daughter Mia, simply could not concentrate on studying during the day. In a case like this, nightschooling might have just been the best option.

At night, distractions are far less than during the day. Traffic is slow, the rest of the family is usually asleep and your child’s friends will probably be as well. The busy sounds of the highway near their house were the biggest problem and the cause for Mia’s distraction.

My friend experimented with teaching her in different rooms of the house, but nothing really made a difference until he changed the learning hours. It seemed like Mia could only notice the loud sounds throughout the house during the day.

The silence of the night truly helped her to focus on the lesson and pay attention to what she was being taught. Even though it started as a hustle it ended up being a fun and pleasant experience for the both of them!

5. If your child would like to partake in extracurricular activities

One of the most important things to keep in mind when homeschooling a child is not to isolate them from the rest of their peers. When opting for a nightschooling homeschooling method, your child will have a lot of free time to join a sport, the scouts, or hang out with friends in the evening. This will ensure your child has sufficient time to burn off energy during the day, but also socialize; something very important for their development.

Nightschooling for a better relationship

Your child has nothing to miss from a regular school when compared to homeschooling. On top of that, nightschooling will allow it to make friends, have fun doing things they enjoy and explore the world around them in a safe way.

If you can relate to any of the above reasons, you should definitely give nightschooling a try. Both you and your child will not be disappointed. You might actually end up bonding more with your child, since you will have more free time to do things they enjoy together, during the day!

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