Carving pumpkins with your kids is a great way to bring a piece of the fall and Halloween into your home, but cutting and removing seeds can be messy and sometimes dangerous. You can bring that feeling into your home without the mess with these 5 no carve pumpkin decorating ideas. Here are five no carve pumpkin decorating ideas.

Shiny and Matte

Not all pumpkins have scary faces. In fact you can make a classy looking pumpkin that makes a great table centerpiece or entryway piece with just two colors. Play with neon hues and metallic for a two-tone pumpkin that makes a bright statement. You can also choose gloss paint and matte paint or black and white or any combination that uses opposite tones. Brush or dip one half, then let dry; tape off and color the other half. It’s that simple.

Ribbon Décor

Attach double-stick tape to lengths of black, orange, or white patterned ribbon, then wrap around the pumpkin. Create patterns with the ribbon or create a simplistic dividing line. This easy solution has no mess and looks high end. Have a Halloween party or attending one? This makes a great host gift or centerpiece.

Washable markers

A simple washable black marker is very forgiving when creating classic pumpkin face designs. Clean your pumpkin completely then dry it off well. After preparing the surface, sketch out your designs. If you make a mistake, just use a damp clothe to wipe away the mistake and then redesign at your hearts content.


Use stencils and paint to make a festive classic design. You can purchase stencils from a craft store or make your own using card stock. If you are adventurous, use multiple colors. Your designs can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be.

Glue and Glitter

Create polka dots or stripes in a new and inventive way, use colored glitter instead of paint. Simply tape off sections of the pumpkin that you want covered with glitter. Paint the glue in the empty area, then apply glitter liberally. Think you put enough glitter on? Keep adding more. The more glitter you use the more even coverage you will have.

If you have any creative ideas for pumpkin decorating, we want to hear them. Leave a post below or tell us your story.

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