Exercise can greatly influence more than just your body. Working out impacts your mental and emotional health in addition to physical results; take a look at 5 such benefits:

Reduce stress and anxiety

Exercise gives you personal time to work through any anxious thoughts and feelings of stress. Not only does exercise allow you the time to get away from and process these feelings, getting your blood pumping helps you manage stress and anxiety better in day-to-day life through the increased release of norepinephrine through the brain.

Rest better at night

Exercise makes you feel better while your awake, and it helps you achieve a more restful sleep. Your heart rate increases, calories are being burned and blood is spread through your muscles. Studies show that this will increase the quality and quantity of your life, you’ll look younger and you’ll feel healthier. Endorphins released during your workout will make you feel happier and more alert, leading to a more efficient lifestyle. When it’s finally time to get some rest from your busy day, you’ll be able to fall asleep and stay asleep, restfully preparing to do it all again tomorrow!


30 minutes of exercise each day can enhance nerve growth and prevents atrophy of the brain with age.  Increased blood flow to the brain may also support the development of new brain cells. Maintain your brain power by working out regularly!

Improve confidence and self-image

As you make an effort to stay fit, it’s only normal to gain more confidence about your looks and positivity about your self-image.  Reward your new, confident self! Getting in shape is a well-deserved excuse to buy a new outfit you’ve had your eye on so you’ll feel like a million bucks at work.

If you exercise outside, there is access to fresh air and vitamin D from the sunlight, giving you even more reason to get out and smile about your workout.

Motivate and Achieve

Setting goals is important in many aspects of your life, no matter your lifestyle. Achieving a workout goal can also lead to more goal-oriented achievements in your personal life. (Feeling energized after your 5 mile run? Well then, you might as well get started on your physics homework while the kids are at school. And, don’t forget to stock up on groceries for the weekly lunches. While your at the store, plan out a tasty and healthy dinner …you catch our drift about motivation.)

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