Does your hair look a little lackluster, even though you just colored it? When you’re on a tight Military Family budget and have a hectic life schedule, heading to your favorite salon for a hairdo upgrade isn’t always possible. But you still deserve to have locks that look beautiful, with hair color that lasts throughout your busy days!

So, what can you do to keep your hair color looking lush and true until your next hair appointment or home-coloring session? We’ve got you covered. Victoria Howell shares 5 common hair care mistakes with us that typically make hair color fade away… and tips for making sure it never happens again!

1. You’re using the wrong products.

If your hair color fades away after coloring, you may be making bad choices at the store. Regular shampoos and conditioners, hairsprays, gels and other haircare items often contain harsh ingredients that strip away the dye off the shafts of your hair. If you want the color to last, you must buy products that support the color of your hair. For example, products from that are specially formulated for colored hair, such as those from Prestige Beauty Salon, can help revive and maintain your color wash after wash.

2. You’re shampooing too often.

Frequent shampooing is not a good idea in general, because it strips the oils from your scalp and hair… oils that keep your hair glowing and fresh. Shampooing too often is even more detrimental to colored hair, because it also washes away the color of your hair little by little. So, to keep your hair and hair color looking healthy, simply change your washing frequency. A good rule of thumb is to shampoo once every other day.

3. You’re not conditioning enough.

A lack of proper conditioning can also have a negative effect on your hair color. According to experts from Prestige Beauty Salon, dehydrated and undernourished hair doesn’t hold color well. But when you condition regularly after each shampoo, a good conditioner can provide your hair with the strength it needs to hold onto the hair dye. So be sure to treat your locks to regular and rich conditioning treatments. 

4. Your water is too hot.

The negative effects of using extremely hot water on your hair and body should be a no-brainer. It dulls your skin and hair and tortures your locks— and the color you want them to be. How? The excessive heat opens up the pores of your hair, allowing it to let go of the dye very quickly and easily. So although hot showers feel amazing, if you want your beautiful, fresh-looking hair color to stay with you for a while, you will have to choose between a hot shower and amazing hair color. Switching to lukewarm or cool water will help you leave all of your hair color worries behind. 

5. You’re not using sun protection.

Love to hang out in the sun? You probably put on some sort of sun protection lotion on your skin when you do… but what about your hair? Spending time under the intense rays of the sun are a great reason to double your efforts to protect your locks. Direct exposure to the sun and the influence of ultraviolet rays can make your color fade very fast. Before you head outdoors, apply products with UV filters to provide your hair with thorough protection for long-lasting color.

Fading Hair Color

And that’s about all it takes. Stay gorgeous!

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