The brave men and women who form the armed forces for the United States of America lay their lives on the line for the ideals of freedom and democracy, and we have the utmost respect for them, recognizing them for the absolute heroes that they surely are. What we don’t stop to contemplate is how difficult leading a normal day-to-day life is for their families too; all the constant moving, not to mention, the state of perpetual worry when an important part of their family is out on a tour of duty.

Take military spouses for instance, holding down a proper job and building a career is so much more difficult when you have to shift bases year after year. It isn’t impossible though, and there are some professions more suited to this particular lifestyle than others.

5 careers in which Military Spouses can shine

Graphic Designer.

For those with an artistic flair and a measure of proficiency in computers, graphic design is a great career option. All that’s required to land a good job is an associate’s degree. Which is great news because that also means that the military spouse acquiring this degree is eligible for the tuition assistance offered by the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA), based on the candidates qualification for the other criteria involved in the provision of this grant. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the 2012 median pay for graphic designers was $21.22 per hour, and because the work can be done remotely without really needing to meet the client, factors such as changing locations are not a deterrent.

Medical Coding and Billing.

A medical coder and biller examine patient medical records, assigning codes to it based on the treatments and procedures that have been administered. This is done so that insurance firms and government aid institutions such as Medicare or Medicaid, along with the patients themselves receive the billing information for these procedures and can process the payment of said bills from their end. According to Career Step (who, along with being one of the MyCAA approved schools also offer their own military scholarships), average pay figures for medical coders and billers range between $26,280 and 43,410 annually. Since medical coding and billing is predominantly conducted through a work-from-home setup, the mobility of military households is not a deterrent in this case either.

Elder Care professional.

Working with the elderly in nursing homes and retirement facilities, helping them with day-to-day activities and taking care of them in general are the basic responsibilities of an elder care professional. Wages fluctuate based on level of proficiency and training achieved in this field, but since demand for caregivers is pretty much nationwide, job opportunities are likely to present themselves regardless of geographical location. A career path worth considering if the idea of working with the elderly and making their lives more comfortable appeals to you.

Computer Support.

If you have a natural aptitude for information technology and are interested in working as tech support then this could be an interesting proposition. Typically, an associate’s degree or certificate program is enough to qualify for tech support jobs, which again means MyCAA grants are possibility. Furthermore, the demand for tech support is high across the globe, and more so in a technologically advanced society such as the United States, meaning job opportunities are never scarce. demarcates the median salary for Computer Support Specialists at $40,840.

Marriage counselors.

The educational requirements for marriage counselors are steep; a master’s degree is typically required. Considering however that you would be providing people with help to build on their relationships and also providing support to help them overcome emotional and mental issues, you can see why these education requirements are necessary. The pay for doing all of this is pretty high too, as CNN Money pegs the median annual salary for marriage therapists at $56,800. As a military spouse, providing marriage counseling to other military couples in particular could be your niche, because you will be more in-touch with potential flashpoints faced by military spouses than a civilian counselor.


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Frida Cooper has been an independent career consultant for about 12 years. She’s stayed on top of growing industry trends through market research and interaction with young students  and working professional alike. She believes that everyone can enjoy a lucrative career by paying close attention to their passions and aptitudes.

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