Today, let’s explore ways to keep your home cleaner, your immune system as strong as possible and your teeth cavity-free! They’re easy and don’t require dramatic lifestyle changes — so let’s kick things off!

Leave your shoes at the door

Maintaining a shoe-free home will reduce the dirt and other grime tracked into your home. It also reduces the bacterial and viral spores that lead to intestinal, respiratory and other infections and ailments that are greatly reduced when you’re no longer tracking then into your home on your shoes.

Your carpets will stay fresher and brighter for longer, and your house will stay cleaner overall. Ah, less cleaning – love that!

If you like the feeling of wearing shoes inside your home, consider leaving your ‘out and about’ shoes at the door, and trade them out for a pair of slippers or more substantial ‘indoor only’ shoes.

Get cuckoo for coconut oil

Coconut oil has become a trendy health food craze in recent years, and for good reason because the health benefits are huge!  Just to name a few, coconut oil contains lauric acid which, when ingested, can help kill bacteria and viruses and keep your body infection free. When applied topically, coconut oil is also a great beauty product that can moisturize hair and skin, and it’s also a fantastic natural sunscreen.

There are even studies that suggest that coconut oil can boost brain function.

Chew some gum

Chewing sugar-free gum is good for your oral health, stimulating saliva production. As your body’s natural way to prevent tooth decay, saliva neutralizes acids and washes away the food particles and bacteria that cause cavities.

Replace butter with fruit when baking

Applesauce and bananas make great substitutes for butter and oil when baking sweet treats.

You don’t have to completely eliminate the butter (or other oil) when you’re whipping up a batch of cookies, cupcakes or other baked goodies, although you can if you’d like with these healthy substitutes.

Scrape your tongue

It’s probably the least appealing topic you’ll hear about today, but including this into your regular brushing routine will reduce bad breath and improve dental health by removing that gross tongue-dwelling bacteria (which will also help boost your immune system).  Scraping your tongue will also help you better taste your food – clearing the way for those taste buds to do their job!

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