These are the 5 pieces of advice that Jonathan DeYoe deems to be most important in the lives of women.

Educate yourself about personal finance

  1. take classes
  2. attend seminars
  3. learn about budgeting
  4. learn about investing
  5. learn about emergency funds
  6. learn about insurance
90% of women care for their own finances by themselves at some point in their lives.

Know the specific issues that face females in financial planning

  1. women tend to live longer
  2. traditionally, women earn less money for the same work as men.
  3. women are about twice as likely to act as caretaker to a parent than a man is

Go through the financial planning process, & remember to pay yourself first.

  1. you will learn about tradeoffs
  2. you will learn about good and bad behaviors
  3. live your life by design, not by default

The main rule of financial planning:  Spend Less Than You Make

Stay involved and understand where your investments are

  1. be involved in the planning
  2. understand your investments and savings
  3. start planning early

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